Volunteer at Corazón!

Corazón welcomes volunteers all year round to tutor adult learners in our English as a Second Language program and grade school children in our After School Enrichment & Summer Camp Programs.

We require a three-month commitment with a minimum of two hours per week. 

Spanish language proficiency is not required.

Volunteer tutors will receive all training required– free of cost!

For more information please contact us.

(708) 377-7761 or email us at 

“Love is the bond that unites us all with one another and with God.”

-Blessed Mother Theresa of Jesus Gerhardinger

Share your treasure…

Your donation is essential to Corazón. Your gift will help adult ESL Students become self-sufficient, and improve their lives and that of their families. You’ll make a meaningful contribution to our community as well as support our programs for children and families in Blue Island and the surrounding areas.

At some time in life, most people require some kind of assistance, whether it’s physical, financial, spiritual, educational, or emotional. That assistance might come from family, friends, church, or other charitable organizations. And during life’s struggles, our own or others, we are often reminded that more needs to be done to continue positive, humane acts of kindness and to sustain programs to enrich lives.

Corazón a Corazón does just that – enriches and changes lives!

Might God be nudging your heart, urging you to become part of this ministry by sharing your time or treasures…

In lifting others we rise!


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